Techie software developer usually working on distributed systems with various languages, currently employed as Senior Software Engineer @ UiPath, Inc.

  • experienced with ecommerce systems
  • nodeJS, golang, php, python, react, rust, typescript
  • various frameworks used so far (symfony, mux, gin, zend, flask, express, hapijs etc)
  • terraform, ansible, packer, jenkins
  • MySQL, PGSQL, OracleDB, MongoDB, Redis, ClickHouseDB
  • kubernetes, apache kafka, rabbitmq, grafana, prometheus
  • arch linux <3, redhat
  • various cloud related certifications
  • yeah, that’s my cat

Deloying an Nginx-powered API Gateway in Kubernetes

Purpose: using Nginx as an API Gateway in Kubernetes The problem described here is quite simple if you have in mind a pretty usual situation where your team is writing several microservices (supposedly svcA, svcB, svcC) which need to be exposed from the backend side of the world so they can be later on consumed by a frontend app. The setup on a classic env would be pretty straight forward:...

April 11, 2021 · Gabriel C.

Hello, World!

Some first random post.

April 10, 2021 · Gabriel C.